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Jinjiang Kinmen apparel Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise with shareholding system, formerly known as Jinjiang Tongren garment factory two. The company adheres to the goal of creating a first-class brand, with the aim of "honesty and credit first", and introduces advanced production lines. With exquisite equipment and technology, it specializes in the production of "golden men", "Manyi", "Tongren" brand women's wear, leisure sports suits, jackets, cotton coats, children's clothing and so on. The company is located in the "maritime Silk Road" starting point in Quanzhou. Jinjiang is located in the south of the city of Jinjiang. It is the "first hundred million villages in the country". It is located in the industrial zone of the four villages in the first telephone village of the country. It is only 2 kilometers away from the airport. The front door is a wide and luxurious Spring Road, and its business is prosperous and convenient. The enterprise won the "China Textile and clothing Award" in 92 years. "Fujian advanced township enterprises" and "Fujian famous products" were awarded the "total quality management attainment certificate" of the Ministry of agriculture in 94 years, and won the title of "Chinese women and children's favorite products" in 95 years, and 96 years as a recommended product by the provincial Consumers Association. In 2001 2000, it was once again recommended by the provincial Consumers Association. The company adheres to the management mode of first class brand, standardization and national standard. In the new millennium, Goldman will continue to import CI system to enhance its market competitiveness, expand its contribution to customers and contribute to the society, so as to reach the trend of garment industry in the whole country and even the whole world. Company management is strictly based on ISO9001:2000 operation and continuous improvement, so as to provide customers with better quality products and artistic enjoyment.
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Addr:   Fujian   Jinjiang   Four industrial park, Chai Tai, Jinjiang, Fujian