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France's famous fashion underwear brand Sici Lan Ian is born in the hometown of lavender -- Provence, lavender flowers and sea bring the city unlimited scenery and charm. Ian, the founder of the brand, was born in an art family in Provence. Her natural talent made her study in Paris Art Institute, majoring in fashion design art. After marriage, he became a fashion designer specializing in making underwear for European aristocrats. With his exquisite technology and fashion design, Ian's underwear was very popular in French upper class.

Today, Sici Lan Ian is coming to China to visit Hongkong, the capital of the Trend City, to Wuhan, the city of glamour. French romance for more Eastern women. In the classic aristocratic temperament and excellent taste, Sici Lan Ian's outstanding and extraordinary, elegant design and high-end texture have won the high position in the industry. Romance, warmth, fashion and self-confidence are the pursuits of Sici Lan Ian, with strong Lavender amorous feelings. Sici Lan Ian has not only interpreted the charming manners of French women, but also has a warm and romantic connotation.

Today, men's underwear will soon change. Men's jewelry will become the boiling point of fashion consumption. For men to change their "connotation", promote their individuality and care for their healthy underwear. The small ornaments that show their boundless customs in the hairline, neck and ears are all advocating the arrival of "new male color doctrine", displaying the immeasurable market and amazing profits, forming a never declining industry, and a huge business opportunity that is still in the ascendant.

Brand culture

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From the material level, brand represents quality, service and guarantee. From the spiritual level, it represents the concept and spirit of an enterprise. Therefore, we choose brands, and we believe in the strength of brands.

[Sici Lan (Ian Siti Lan)] is to attract him and her eyes with the style, to accept him and her desire with the price, to conquer him and her taste with quality, to prove your wisdom with business opportunities, to prove your vision with service, and instantly kill consumers' possessive desire.

Strong support for entrepreneurship is the most powerful fulcrum.

Marketing team: a marketing person who has solid marketing theory foundation and successful market practice experience.

The management team is composed of senior management talents of famous underwear brands at home and abroad, famous management software company trainers, executives of listed companies and other personnel.

Product R & D team: a famous designer in France, and the first line underwear designer and craftsman in China.

Training team: both from domestic and foreign famous underwear and high-end brand of women consumer goods, with rich experience.

Supervision team: all functional underwear brands from home and abroad have strong practical skills.
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