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Fujian province Jinjiang City Qi needle Family Company Limited Brand
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Our company is the production of T shirt collar, high-end leisure sports sweater, jacket of blue clothing leading enterprise. Since 1998 years in the creation, adhering to the "to • in the enterprising" spirit of active exploration, continue to grow and develop, the main production base of garden type until now has more than 23000 square meters of building area, and is equipped with the most advanced in the world "the islands of Japan Fine knitting machine more than 100 Taiwan," the computer, he manually knitting machine more than 300 Taiwan, with more than 2 tons of production capacity, in the industry occupied the initiative, the company will also create a bleaching and dyeing factory, Lycra factory, specializing in enterprise specialization, standardization, standardization development...... Since 2003, carried out the omni-directional reform and to promote, persevere in the general staff's efforts, the company has been continuously strengthen endoplasm appearance construction, corporate reputation, reputation significantly...
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Addr:   Fujian  Jinjiang  Fujian province Jinjiang Anhai Town Village Industrial Zone No. 1