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when many fashion brand started with fast fashion label, more and more BUG shortcomings began exposed, copycat designs, cost reduction, quality variation, while the fast fashion this so-called has become a pseudo fashion. Too many flood of information also allow consumers too busy to attend to all, unable to distinguish. and fast fashion completely opposite, refused to update frequency, a superb collection of beautiful things of styles, and give up the original design and quality guarantee of brand. In the view of Gucci brand, the real fashion should not be to update speed is proportional to, but good designers focus on art creation.

if the traditional luxury major suit in most of the eyes of consumers is a luxury, and the pursuit of design and quality is really good, "font-family: light luxury and luxury of the biggest difference is that prices, not like luxury as unreachable.

Gucci language design of dress will break through the traditional model, using the popular technique, the female body is inlaid in the "S" full of nobility elegant connotation, pay attention to fashion, reveal female romantic.

Gucci language makes petty life more "elegant, fashion, self-confidence!" At the same time, embodies the beauty of women, so that they become charming charming, intellectual, lasting, deep impression. Gucci language brand not only interprets the petty woman life, is really listen to the voice of the petty woman!

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