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Hangzhou silk and silk Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
        Hangzhou silk and silk Co. Ltd, the brand of "silk and". The main silk by , silk bedding articles , silk pajamas , scarves shawls , underwear , silk garments and other silk products . Division I has a senior technical staff of more than 10000 square meters production base and more than 10, to product development, design, production process, the quality of the products are in accordance with the relevant national standards of production. Silk and uphold the traditional Chinese silk culture, and continuous research, the leading European fashion elements into silk products. And take the green environmental protection, health and comfort as the design concept, develop new "silk road. With the rapid growth of the company and "Silk Huang" brand influence continues to strengthen, and increasingly perfect marketing network, the company has established the development strategy of the brand chain Monopoly; improve the service to create value "business philosophy, service to enhance the added value of brands and products.
      "the wire," the focus on quality, Shou integrity of purpose GUANG company of friends, we will work with you to create a brilliant tomorrow.
Main Products
Silk quilt, silk four sets, six sets, silk pajamas, underwear, scarf shawl
Contact information
Contact:   Wu Feng
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Hangzhou  Xihu District Zhijiang Road No. 148