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remember the old Beijing cloth shoes to join the brand originated in the ho family for more than 200 years ago, as far as the Qing Emperor Qianlong period, Shanxi Pingyao Mr. He Shunping by   its exquisite technique, superb technology, strict production process, high-quality services, high-quality cloth shoes, won the local people love. After the friend invited to Beijing, then, Mr. He Shunping, by virtue of its unique production process, when combined with the old Beijing cloth shoes advantage, in the capital of the old Beijing cloth shoes for wide promotion, famous in the capital.  

as representative of the Chinese culture of Beijing shoes, in the wind and rain flushing for hundreds of years, many cultures have been lost and idle forget, cloth shoes industry with a time-honored brand led the traditional cloth shoes industry and into the Qi army, inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, Hutchison in 2009 to join the ranks. And in the old Beijing cloth shoes the rich culture and process based on another push health shoes series product, lead a healthy lifestyle. The product has been in short supply, favored by consumers, become   the leader of the old Beijing cloth shoes.  

remember the old Beijing cloth shoes company in addition to the development of health shoes, also actively explore and development of peripheral industries, health culture and technology applied to the life of common people, will be "science and technology to change life, science and technology to create the future" to achieve the perfect.

remember the old Beijing cloth shoes with ten years of experience in the operation of brand stores, for each store provides perfect and professional service, the original "one-stop nanny" service standards, from the customer delivery, store choice, shop decoration, store pre operation, shop, shop sales promotion etc. link to join to provide perfect service, completely different from others on the market and join in business only provide pre-sales service mode of operation, to join together in mind the old Beijing cloth shoes, you do not have to worry about not to earn money, even if you are novices can also be high pillow worry free, because you have any problem in the operation of the shop we can help you solve. Up to 100% rate of return, and other industries move to ten, or compared with the millions of venture capital, remember the old Beijing cloth shoes brand need only a few million yuan investment, easy investment, happy to make money. The company web site: old Beijing cloth shoes brand to join

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