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Business Model
Cangzhou Hongsheng Pipes Co. Ltd. is located in the Bohai economic circle in the city -- Cangzhou, here transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, is located 307 National Road, east of Huanghua New District (port), south of 104 National Road, Beijing Shanghai Expressway and and Shi Huang high-speed Pro economic area, the Bohai Sea Economic Zone in national key be richly endowed by nature, has economic advantages. The company is a professional engaged in the plastic pipe fittings, modernized high-tech enterprise of scientific research, development, design, production, installation, service. High performance plastic pipe has the domestic advanced production of multiple, formed by water polyethylene (PE) pipe system, gas use polyethylene (PE) pipe ground source heat pump system, the special polyethylene (PE) pipe system, the non excavation with polyethylene (PE) pipe system, the non excavation with modified polypropylene (M-PP) power cable pipeline system as the main products of the production system. Polyethylene gas and supply water (PE) fused connection, butt, hot melt socket, PE ball valve and PPR pipe fittings, the company has a group of pipe design, manufacturing, PE ball valve design, manufacturing and plastic processing professional engineer. The company mainly produces phi 20mm~ Phi 1000mm gas and water supply polyethylene pipe, with the domestic several large-scale injection molding machine. The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environment system certification, all products are tested by the national chemical building materials testing center. Independent laboratory have the hydrostatic test and electronic universal tensile machine, differential thermal analyzer, melt flow rate measurer multiple detection, provide first-class protection products for customers. The company after the digestion, absorption and innovation, developed its own patented technology, one after another to produce a variety of light (electric) cable sheath pipe: HDPE silicon core pipe, tube and gas, water supply pipe fittings, ground source heat pump, become domestic communication sheath with a large and gas water supply with one of the plastic pipe production base. Over the years, the company adhering to the "begin well and end well, treading on thin ice" business philosophy, with Hongsheng unique strong faith and perseverance to establish product reputation and corporate image, obtained the customer the consistent high praise. We warmly welcome all the leaders and friends to visit, study, guidance, we will be dedicated to quality products and quality service for the society.
Main Products
PE pipe product features: Good health performance: not adding the heavy metal stabilizer of PE pipe material processing, non-toxic, no dirt, no bacterium, very good solution two times pollution of the city drinking water. Excellent corrosion resistance: except for a few strong oxidant, can withstand a variety of chemical erosion of media; no need to worry about chemical corrosion. Long service life: in the rated temperature and pressure, PE pipes may be used for more than 50 years. Good impact resistance: PE pipe has good toughness, impact resistance and high strength, heavy direct pressure pipeline, will not lead to pipeline rupture. Reliable connectivity: PE pipe or fused interface strength is higher than that of pipe body, not because the joint effect of soil movement or live load disconnect. Good construction performance: pipe is light, the welding process is extremely simple, construction is convenient, low comprehensive cost of engineering. PE pipe connection: Electric welding: use special electric melting welder straight pipe and straight pipe, straight pipe and pipe fittings are connected. Generally used for pipes below 110mm. Butt connection: the butt welder dedicated connection, generally used for 110mm and above. Steel connections: flange, screw threads can be used as a method of connecting. For the convenience of construction and ensure the construction quality, but also should prepare the corresponding tool. Such as: a rotary cutter cutting tube; rotary scraper scraping the surface of the pipe - oxide skin; wall climbing knife -- scraping large caliber pipe surface skin; die tools - achieve breathe site operation. PE pipe connecting steps: The 1 clamping and cleaning port 2 adjust and grinding port
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Contact:   Zhang Shen
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  The intersection of Hebei State Road 307 and Cangzhou Qingchi Road