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Lanzhou Tianyi source Advertising Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Lanzhou Tianyi source advertisement Limited company is a set advertising design, planning, production, agency, released a comprehensive advertising company. As a professional, excellent advertising planning, design, production company, we based on the brand marketing planning, integrated design, image media combination, the promotion of professional fields and strive to provide the best service to customers. The company hardware facilities, professional design, planning, production, installation team, with the precision of work flow, strict quality service management, one-stop service for you, to create value for customers.
Main Products
The sign, just as its name implies is used for a sign marking, to indicate the direction and warning function. Common signs are electroforming signs, signs, our Tongzi plate, warning signs. General sign making materials used in acrylic, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, organic glass, etc.. Brochures, leaflets, magazine, user manuals, brochures, posters, quotation, enterprise introduction, hand bag, envelope, single page one page publicity, product samples etc.. Office supplies: business card printing, daily design stationery, envelopes, notes, file bag (box), folder, badges, ticket, card, into (out of) a single library, no carbon, with a single, financial form documents. Trademark design printing: offset printing, color printing, screen printing a variety of self-adhesive label, trademark. Digital quick printing: high school file menu, wine list, a short version of album, sample booklets, bidding book digital printing.
Contact information
Contact:   Tao Manager
Addr:   Gansu Province  Lanzhou City  Lanzhou City, West Lake Wenzhou city small office building 7 building 713-717 room