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Brums clothing (China) Co., Ltd. (Beijing dada when Brand
Business Model
                                      from 2003 onwards, Italy brums companies seeking to approach in Chinese development better, they found their partners -- Ningbo Jia Hong group, and the establishment of the Ningbo brums Garments Co., Ltd, the company responsible for the authorization of products in the Chinese production processing and sales. Jia Hong group is engaged in the import and export as the main body, engaged in industrial investment, international technology exchange and trade, international brand agency and chain management group company. The company has complete production system, including its nearly 400 garment factory and have good relations of cooperation between hundreds of all kinds of garment production enterprises, has a strong production capacity and supply and marketing network. The famous design experts and marketing some Italy experts with years of work in the company, has a wealth of experience and skills, working together to " brums " expanding the brand development and market in the China.                                
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Contact:   The marketing department
Addr:   Zhejiang  Ningbo  Beijing City, Chaoyang District Shuangjing East Third Ring Road No. 16 b China World Trade Center Shiqiao apartments 3-1-902