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Wang Bo Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
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                                  Wang Bo enterprise Limited by Share Ltd was established in Taiwan in 1992, and established the Wang Bo Garment Co. Ltd. in Chinese historical city garment city - Dongguan Humen, the company attaches pay attention to the design, production and quality management specialization, founded BEBABY 比贝比 "boutique, more with its design style fashion products and high quality, the 比贝比 children's wear in both sides of the acclaimed. The company in recent years is that domestic boutique market, invited well-known design team to carry out the professional brand image and brand image of the store VI SI design, the Bibeby brand to more advanced boutique brand, as the company is currently in the domestic provinces and cities, and actively and orderly market layout, Bibeby kids -- will be the leading brand Chinese's future the light and heat, is!                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  Dongguan new Humen Bay Town Hongye Bei Lu Wang Bo garment factory