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                                  Guangzhou Ruibo Clothing Co., Ltd., a leading apparel development, production, sales, has a "blue crown" brand, is to brand management as the core company, Ltd. is a large enterprise management blue crown brand clothing, with Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, three design center, has a large number of imports and domestic professional equipment, and its products are fashionable, exquisite fabrics, fine workmanship, known as the "red" cowboy expert "reputation, marketing network all over the country, perfect management information network, talent mechanism and electronic commerce system. Companies focus on brand management training, always adhere to the first-class management, first-class quality, first-class service, continue to create classic, shaping the perfect service concept, to win customers and friends support and reputation. Based on the pursuit of the perfect to fully respect the needs of customers, strive to quality service and products we can let customer satisfaction, let the consumer benefit, let the market fully recognized.

companies to set up independent design houses in the Guangzhou Central Business District, has an independent designer and developer, to the professional advice for every customer. Professional design houses, professional production equipment, professional designers, to create a finished making perfect for customers. Process all the time to ensure the best interests of customers, from tailoring, sewing, ironing packaging throughout the process and first-class equipment and high-quality staff team, ensure to produce the perfect quality of finished. Each piece of product clothing crystallization are professional experience, corporate knowledge, creative, after making the complex process of development: designing, fabric - play version - cloth - like closure - line - quality inspection and warehousing to shipping, in the production of a series of process, in order to ensure the quality of a stream, each level to control management, to ensure that the "blue crown" brand reputation.

we uphold the business philosophy: integrity - and - Professional - dedicated


integrity is guiding our values, in addition to doing things right, and we will try to do the right thing, not just the legal matter.  

the internal integrity to build trust, is the core value of mutual trust, we value employees of Entrust Inc, dare to innovate adventure, the courage to take responsibility, dare to set great goals.  

the society to the company expected, is a trust, we give back to the society must be honest. Without faith there can be no sustainable management.  


: realistic has three meanings, the first layer of emphasis on objective facts respect, is the methodology; the second layer emphasize a kind of exploration spirit and pragmatic style of work; third layers of emphasis on a grasp the law, rules, methods, measures.  

, everything from set out actually, not ambitious, but also on the lofty goal, down-to-earth, and have the courage to break through, unique personality, forge ahead, and is the spiritual foundation Weinrib career pioneering.  

③ Weinrib about life in real work, stand on solid ground, work steadily, to resort to deceit, ambitious   bad style of work:  


dedication "is to encourage devoted for the cause of the spirit of dedication, this is essentially a" continuation of Fen head endless "spirit;  

; the pursuit of higher goals, dares to undertake the responsibility, have better job skills training, steadfast and refine on work style.  

the dedication is the positive attitude towards life. Respect work and enjoy company, persevere, respect their work, devoted to the cause, make every attempt to do my job well.  


dedication dedication, never look back. For family, friends, team, social life goals, and peer together, unite in a concerted effort to trust others and each other sincerely, unremitting efforts.  

to win the respect of consumers with unremitting efforts, the most fashionable, dedication to customers great taste of fashion.                                
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