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                                  Xu Zheng company is located in China's cowboy town - Tai Chung town in Guangdong province Zhongshan City, the company was founded in June 11, 2006, is a manufacturer and export product company a brand-name children install and adult fashion jeans and knitted fashion and other products, the company set design, production, wholesale distribution in one, the main work of men and women jeans and knitted T-shirt, shirt dress open cylinder etc., have all kinds of advanced sewing, special vehicles and a plurality of production workshop, professional skilled staff of more than 300 people, monthly production capacity 200000 pairs of jeans and 40000 collar shirt, product best-selling domestic and foreign markets. Company strength, heavy credit, abiding by contract, guarantee product quality, with many varieties of management features and the principle of small profits, won the trust of our customers. We  are  an  reliable  and  professional  garment  factory&  international  trading  company ,   Company  be  established  on  Jun  11,   2006,   Have  professional  fashion  designer  and  advanced  production  Manage  System  and  more  than  300  sewing  expert  employees,   All  kinds  of  special  sewing  machine  on  production  line,   4000  square  meter  workshop  block  and  all  kinds  of  equipment  Plus  our   smooth  Merchaindising  team  work  suport  the  flexible  production  space  suit  for  all  kinds  of  Volume  or  small  order,   So& nbsp; we  are  a  very  po...                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Zhongshan  Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province