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                                  Tel: 13925721394      week QQ411688480 Xiang Rui long garment factory is a large garment factory in Dongguan. For the professional production enterprises in Dongguan, customized, processing, production, Dongguan clothing factory, Dongguan Dongguan uniforms, work clothes, work clothes in Dongguan Dongguan, Dongguan Dongguan cultural shirt, shirt, Guanggu Shan, Dongguan school uniforms, Dongguan occupation, Dongguan anti-static clothing, Dongguan mall uniforms. Professional production company for Dongguan Dongguan Dongguan Dongguan suit, suit jacket, trousers, Dongguan. The company currently has more than 500 employees, of which Dongguan clothing designer 5, is well-known local Dongguan garment factory. In the process of selecting Dongguan clothing factory design of factory, we strongly recommend that you can visit the Dongguan garment factory on-site inspection, in order to filter out advertising inconsistent with the actual Dongguan garment factory. More at present, the Dongguan garment factory strength uneven, disorderly management phenomenon is serious. Suggest you to the multi evaluation in the selection of Dongguan garment factory, in order to make the right decisions.  

Tel: 13925721394      Zhou QQ411688480                                
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Contact:   Zhou Sheng
Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  Dongguan qiantou Management District No. 39