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Shenzhen Bai Shi Ying Fashion Co., Ltd. Brand
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                                  Shenzhen Best Fashion Co. Ltd is a professional garment enterprises a set design, production, sales in one of the. The company owns the "Mary Mona MARY  MONA" fashion brand. The Mary Mona MARY  MONA is derived from the Italy fashion brands: easy, free, romantic, elegant, luxurious, noble.

        Shenzhen Best Fashion Co. Ltd. because be strict in one's demands, to have a superior quality; because have great originality, it has a distinct personality; because the uncompromising attention to detail, to have a professional demeanor. Bai Shi Ying Xiong

thick, the strength of the company development and stability, cutting-edge design studio has created in Italy, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, design and marketing integration of the international fashion company with the latest and fastest, the implementation of modern brand clothing enterprise

operation mode, bring deep international women's fashion products and complete service for Chinese market.

        Shenzhen City, strong technical force of Pepsi Fashion Co. Ltd., advanced equipment, strict quality control, excellent selection of fabrics, the variety specification is complete. Among them, embroidery equipment are first-class imported equipment, advanced imported equipment and supporting other

. The production of the product quality, sophisticated technology, standard, beautiful appearance.                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Shenzhen  Shenzhen city Luohu District Po Sam village 3-5 building 37 floor