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Han Yi Trading Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
                                  in 2000, founded by Chairman Wu Xiao lady Han Yiduo Fashion Co. Ltd., the target consumer group locked in the famous international fashion city.

                HYD Han Ido brand products continue to improve, launched a series of fashion products, thus favored, make HYD Han Ido brand has always been to lead the state stands fashion.      

                HYD Han Ido brand in a simple and easy free collocation of women clothing, European and Korean style, simple, reveal personality, showing their unique creative and aesthetic sense. The design retained the European and American fashion style and taste, but also shows the Eastern women's pursuit of elegance, dignified.      

                HYD Han Ido brand with unique vision, the prominent fashion, women show a beautiful lines. Style simple, atmospheric, embody the modern women's leisure, elegant, romantic.

                age location: 25-50 to moderate prices to provide consumers with high quality, comfortable wearing Seiko products HYD Han Ido brand with the franchise chain store business model based.                                
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Contact:   Liu Zhiqiang
Addr:   Sichuan  Chengdu  Chengdu Shuangliu three dam No. 888 Liu Zhiqiang: 13258320716