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                                  Florence - sybel   brand of the source of creation. Florence born poet Dante once described this poem of a city like this: "Florence and other city is different from individuals residing in Florence life, formed in Florence unique cultural dialect. The people of Florence, the beauty of the city is not the appreciation of his appearance, but deep into the Florence culture and art."   achievements in cultural city sybel   design concept. The initial design inspiration sybel came in Florence's city flower flower of fragrant plantain lily. The elegant scenery, flowers Ting Tingyuli form, after the rain the flashing of various color bright reddish in frozen rock, become sybel for its elegance and uninhibited, creative source changes color. In 2003, sybel was born in Florence, followed the fashion and Florence Italy deep, became the new brand in Europe, become the representative of fashion, elegant, active in the arena of world fashion.                                
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