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                                  Cecilia  Ms. Zanasi is one of the famous Italy tailors in Europe in sixteenth Century, specifically for the noble ladies exquisite craftsmanship noble dress, because its products exquisite workmanship, style decent and popular.


      70 of the last century, the descendants of registered with the name Cecilia  Zanasi (CZ) which is a women's brand, and rapid promotion in Italy, has been gradually popular with women in Europe, trust and respect, until now in Europe has more than 400 stores in operation CZ products, has 300000 VIP customers, has become one of the European women's fashion brand of choice......


      CZ is the Italy NEW  WORLD  one of the high-end women's brands owned by S.R.L, has a mature and professional design team, in Italy where Daniele  Mr Basta is one of the famous Italy designer. In 2008 the NEW  WORLD  S.R.L company Chinese shareholders established Hangzhou Shengni Garments Co. Ltd. in Hangzhou China, the overall development of China's market.                                
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