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                                  Shanghai words if for clothing Limited company

  order hotline: 021-22819457-605 extension, extension 601, extension 602

& nbsp; ringnor or ray88cn 

  want: the official web site:  QQ:942859980


 ; female consumer groups in 7, 80 in the pursuit of fashion trend of localization of own brand positioning under RINGNOR. Japan and South Korea mainly engaged in the style of women's fashion, but not entirely confined to a kind of type.

    the company in cooperation with a number of processing factories, the solution of the same manufacturer, the issue of a single species models provide. Every week a large number of new shelves.

for quality is strictly controlled, to ensure that each piece of clothing by the quality inspection of     (rather than sampling). 100% responsible for returned to quality problems.

takes the goods discount: Minimum five batch, can mix batch, price tag price of 65% off, this site is for registration commodity price tag price 67% off. Wholesale is to give different discount according to take cargo, mainly divided into five price.

 批发体验会员  5件起批     补货5件起      35% 

 批发铜牌会员  第一次拿货500元或15件 补货5件起      33% 

 批发银牌会员  第一次拿货2000元      补货5件起   联系客服 

 批发金牌会员  第一次拿货5000元      补货5件起   联系客服 

 批发贵宾会员  第一次拿货10000元     补货5件起   联系客服



  2, reward, each level to get a certain amount of money in a natural month, next month can enjoy discount rebate and upgrade, in addition to the highest level.

  3, to provide the data packet: all new out, will arrange colleagues do packet for everyone to use.


  payment: Industrial and commercial bank, China Merchants Bank, agricultural bank, construction bank, pay treasure to

  the way of delivery: logistics express company (door-to-door) or freight (self reference), the user can also accept wholesale home delivery. Delivery time:

  section to the same day or next day delivery.

 : the buyer is responsible for transportation costs. The specific local specific costs with the selected shipping method and arrive at about, please consult customer service, if quality problems (within three days of receipt of goods and contact us) Bao Tuihuan (freight I Si Chengdan)!                                
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