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Nan Hui clothing founded in 1991, its predecessor is the South Hui Knitting Co. Ltd is located in Nanan City, Fujian Province, simple folk customs of the Luodong town government next to. In the development process of the company has always been oriented processing, early company in Hongkong source to develop, but after 97 financial crisis companies into the development bottleneck, in early 2000 the company end processing business in a resting state. After this wave after the financial crisis we are soberly aware that the company must make the transition, and now we see the hope that our company in cooperation with Alibaba network trade orders, the company puts forward to the integrity and pragmatic business philosophy for the general customer service, hope to get the customer's trust and support. You can make your valuable advice we will improve if the company has what do not place. The company mainly engaged in processing

sweater, sweater wholesale etc.. Companies adhering to the customer first, forge ahead to " " business philosophy, adhere to customer first " " principle of providing our customers with quality service. Welcome to patronize!                                
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Addr:   Fujian  Quanzhou  Fujian province Nanan City Luo Dong Zhen Luo Dong Cun Dapo No. 32