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Power flow (Dalian) Trading Co. Ltd. Brand
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                                  my company is located in Dalian City Zhongshan District friendly Road No. 110 central Kungkuan 9 layer, the main business clothing import and export trade (Japan and Korea). The company since its establishment, to increasingly enhance consumer Dalian and Northeast China fashion consumer demand, provide a variety of high-grade, quality excellent imported clothing distribution supply scheme, for retailers and regional agents were selected, effectively meet the various partners of the purchase demand, highly recognized for each partner. In line with the concept of win-win cooperation, we sincerely hope and clothing manufacturers and retailers, regional agents in a variety of ways of cooperation. If you are a garment factory production, we can work with you to your factory clothing to enter the Japanese market. If you are a clothing retailer, we can provide you with the latest, most excellent Japanese imports of clothing. If you are a clothing brand agents, we can provide you with more garment brand Japan line for you to choose. Look forward to working with you to meet, and look forward to your cooperation.                                
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Addr:   Liaoning  Dalian  Friendship road Zhongshan District Liaoning Province Dalian City No. 110 central Kungkuan 9 A5 room