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Hangzhou bin Bao Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
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                                  Hangzhou bin Bao Garment Co. Ltd is the UK agent "bumpsmom" pregnant women supplies products Professional Company. The company attaches great importance to brand image of terminal building, the absolute guarantee of the rights and interests of the distribution agents, the company has been adhering to do fine, professionals do, do fine management idea, forge ahead. Our company has professional brand operation service capacity, this year will energetically improve the market network construction supplies pregnant women, so that more consumers can enjoy the most professional women products.

bin Bao product classification:

1. supplies pregnant women underwear series

2. series of pregnant women radiation

3. pregnant women body series

4. of pregnant women's clothes series                                
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Addr:   Zhejiang  Hangzhou  Leave the mountain city of Hangzhou A New Youth Plaza, No. 8 Building 621 room