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Suzhou three Sheng sewing equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
                                  my company is located in the beautiful Suzhou Dayun river. Mainly engaged in the import, domestic well-known brand of household and industrial sewing equipment, cutting and ironing equipment, mainly JUKI (heavy machinery), brother sewing machine sewing machine, Pegasus sewing machine, sewing machine, and Morimoto sewing machine, sewing machine, Sunstar Xingling sewing machine, sewing machine, sewing machine, standard, rich lake well, Tongyu sewing machine sewing machine, household electric sewing machine, brothers leap household electric sewing machine, the Vic household sewing machines, household sewing machines such as dragonfly; and KM electric scissors, high speed electric scissors, Eastman electric scissors, cutting machine, high speed precision Jiatian bonding machine, while providing all kinds of equipment more authentic original factory accessories. In addition, annual sales of imports and the acquisition of a variety of domestic second-hand sewing equipment.                                
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Addr:   Jiangsu  Suzhou  Suzhou Xinqu ho Road No. 99-21