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                                  Xinxing County new town Guangtai Xinxuan button factory, the main business is the supply of various types of imported shells: raw materials: such as the black butterfly shell, whitelip shell, Huang Bei enterprise E, shellfish, Trochus and various small shell etc.. The factory has a plant area of more than one thousand square meters. Advanced production equipment, strong technical force. Have the ability to mass production, manufacture various types of natural shell and coconut shell buttons, jewelry. I plant the spirit of "to the quality of the market, to management for efficiency, innovation and development, in good faith and cooperation" the management idea of the purpose of the  . Dedicated to provide quality products and good service to our customers! Hope to work closely with customers all over, seek common development.   the factory after years in the joint efforts of all staff and customers the support and guidance, quality and yield great progress. Wish you Business Flourishes, good luck in everything. The development of hope that the new and old customers support and guidance of our factory. Thank you very much!   real       Cheng;  ,       invasive; double   win  !   Valet injection dyeing! Contact with my factory can obtain samples free of charge!   price provide high-quality water grinding and polishing materials!                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Xinxing County New Town Phoenix Industrial Park Map