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Shanghai Caiwei zipper Co., Ltd. (ZWM) Brand
Business Model
                                  Shanghai Caiwei Garment Co., Ltd. is a collection of zipper, real estate, catering industry as one of the diversified enterprise potential. Companies adhering to the "high quality, high speed, high service" business purposes, the introduction of international advanced production equipment, high-quality imported raw materials, "one-stop" production "3H" zipper, nylon, injection molding, metal varieties cover three major series, for clothing, bags, sleeping bags, tents and other industries supporting. Enterprise China Zipper Association governing units, Shanghai was awarded the "heavy contract, keep credit" enterprise award.  

, "experts factory" products to create "high quality"  

company general manager Mr Qiu Yonghua is the industry recognized "production expert", is a committee of experts China zipper professional committee. Expert style of rigorous, strict scientific management, created "3H brand effect". Products through the "Oeko-Tex  Stahdard100" argument; win the favor and love famous brands TESCO, ZARA, ONLY, Bosideng, peacebird at home and abroad.  

two, "scientific management" delivery to achieve "high speed"   would like customers are thinking based on "

company, customers" business philosophy, the introduction of "ERP" and "5S" system, scientific management, enhance productivity, greatly shortening the production time. At present, the company general products for a period of 7 days, samples for a period of 3 days.  

three, "customer first" idea to create a "high service"  

company advocates a "customer first, service first", set up a "product knowledge group", by the way of "going out, please come in", for the needs of the customer assistance zipper knowledge. Marketing system to develop the 2:4:8:24  system. Namely: Shanghai area customers 2 hours more urgent demand in place; Jiangsu and Zhejiang area 4 hours; Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai outside 8 hours. Marketing system salesman 24 hours open mobile phone.  

Shanghai Cai Wei is a developing enterprise, carrying forward to your. "Take Caiwei hand, will always be friends", Cai Wei welcomes your visit!                                
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Contact:   Gong Ming
Addr:   Shanghai  Shanghai City  Shanghai city in Songjiang District Jiuting high tech park, Yin Road 369 Lane 93