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Kunshan yijiali Plastics Products Co., Ltd. Brand
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                                  Kunshan yijiali Plastics Products Co., Ltd. - owned enterprise, located in Jiangsu city of Kunshan province. Is a professional production, research and development of plastic hanger factory sales, products are mainly exported garments export.

                the company specializing in the production of American DIY  HSNGERS brand clothes hanger, as many as 800 kinds of products. All the clothes hanger technology are produced according to VICS standards America Association, has become a member American VICS association. Products through the SGS and BV  test. To meet the requirements of environmental protection. Yijiali company is DIY  the HANGERS brand in Asia exclusive distributors of production. Is now the most of the guests recognized the excellent supplier.

              the company has strong technical strength, sophisticated processing technology, novel style, beautiful appearance, the products sell well all over the country, are exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, South Africa, Hong Kong and Taiwan area, deeply domestic and foreign customers Pro gaze                                
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Addr:   Jiangsu  Kunshan  Suzhou province Jiangsu city Kunshan City Qiandeng Town Wen Pu Road 98