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Guangzhou bashengbei tie Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
                                  Guangzhou city Yuexiu gentleman necktie city is the country's largest tie production base is located in Guangdong area set window group approached, my company after 10 years of arduous pioneering course the design team has the most creative and top quality of the world's most advanced computer production equipment, Italy, specializing in the design and production of tie.
    over the past ten years, our company as the national each big brand brand design and produce as many as two hundred thousand patterns and designs, we enjoy high reputation in the peer. I companies adhere to continuous innovation, can in time according to market development and customer's various needs and actively improve!
    now, can be customized brand mark, South Korea Italy silk jacquard silk, wool jacquard and other top high-grade tie, tens of thousands of new designs and existing at any time to see, and every week there are new from Italy, the introduction of France, landing the fastest, handmade quality, every quarter has thousands of Italy, South Korea for the new and old customers to choose the new version.
    the company's main products: silk tie, yarn dyed polyester neckties, printed silk tie, silk tie, tie, with staff of   advertising tie, tie, tie, collar flower, students scarf, scarves and so on more than 10 varieties of tens of thousands of fancy. At the same time and tie clips and other ancillary products.  
    with the high requirement of domestic and international business ties, expanding and the contemporary male, I launched the "bashengbei tie" this high-end brand in not long ago, the western romantic and oriental classical com., reflect contemporary successful man of confidence and noble.
    " quality first, honesty is the operating principle of " our company has consistently adhered to, we will put all the human and material resources have, must reach all your requirements!   achieve us for common prosperity!                                
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Contact:   The marketing department
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Guangzhou City Station Road 197 three storey 311 room (Jindu garment building)