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Shanghai Maifuji Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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                                  Shanghai Maifuji Textile Co., Ltd. is an emerging set of fabric weaving, design, and development as one of the modern enterprise, the factory is located in Jiaxing; Shanghai, Beijing offices; professional intertwined, chemical fiber weaving and dyeing and finishing, with excellent quality and good reputation, service for domestic and overseas manufacturers.

main products: memory fabric; fabric; metal wire fabric; functional fabrics; coated fabric calendering; polyamide / cotton fabric; cotton fabric; polyester and nylon cotton fabric; polyester fabric; jacquard fabric; high-density fabric; washing fabrics; polyester yarn dyed fabric; polyester fabric color memory; memory double color fabric; jacquard fabric; cotton fabrics; ultrathin fabric; elastic fabric; fabric embossing punch;                                
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Addr:   Shanghai  Shanghai City  Shanghai Songjiang Jiuting Center Road 501 Lane 3