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                                  Hua Kai cotton belt factory is located in Guangdong     Shenzhen City, the main   handbags special ribbon   etc.. Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "to provide quality service to customers first" principle to provide our clients. Welcome to patronize! Monthly production of 3000000 yards.     European and American pop fans. Advertising. Mobile phone. Mobile phone lanyard.MP3 linked with.MP4 hanging belt. The badge with.U disc hanging belt. The belt. Gifts lanyard strap. Arm in arm hanging belt. Process lanyard. Pets. His shoelaces. Nylon strap. Nylon jacquard belt. Heat transfer ribbon. Employees hanging belt. Safety belt. Belt line. Suitcase with printing products, all kinds of gift packaging ribbons, gift box packaging ribbon, polyester belt, cotton belt, line belt, cotton belt, herringbone tape, double word band, pit band, printing belt, rib belt, polyester,   and according to the customer incoming sample custom processing, on customer honesty, sincerity, sincerity. Sincerity. Sincerity service. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate, order the product level is high. The low level. At the same time as the OEM processing part of the world famous products.                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Shenzhen  Shenzhen Nanlian Longgang District Qiu Wu Cun Peng a road