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Jiangsu Province, Shimane Garment Co. Ltd. (Rugao)    No Member

Jiangsu Province, Shimane Garment Co. Ltd. (Rugao) Brand
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                                  Jiangsu province Daogen Garments Co. Ltd. (Rugao) is located in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, Bai Pu Zhen Deng Yang Cun, main clothing, is a set of R & D, production, sales and service for the integrated enterprise, the company adhering to the "honest and trustworthy," by the people and the operating principle, adhere to the "principle of dedication win-win cooperation" for the domestic and international customer service, create brilliance. Welcome all the friends come to visit, investigate and negotiate business.                                
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Addr:   Jiangsu  Rugao  Jiangsu province Rugao City Bai Pu Zhen Deng Yangcun