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                                  floating Na weaving - your lace supplier of high-quality

Guangdong Province piaona Weaving Co. Ltd. of Guangdong Province is Sihai Group Co. Ltd. invested hundreds of millions of dollars the establishment of the subordinate enterprises, the company in 1995 the completion of the new standard workshop more than 5 square meters, and the purchase of the international leading level in 1999 Germany Carle Mayer warp knitting equipment nearly 200 sets and the latest computer technology to design the system, at the same time, in 2003 August supporting self scale professional dyeing factory, dyeing factory covers an area of 85 mu, the formation of dyeing and weaving a dragon, to better ensure product quality, thus entered a stage of rapid development. Provide professional lace bra, for domestic and foreign production of knitted underwear, pajamas, women's fashion manufacturers, elastic net cloth, bathing cloth, jacquard elastic fashion fabrics such as high elastic warp knitted fabric. So far, the company has developed into the largest enterprise specializing in the production of lace.

product introduction: 1 prefix within 10CM lace; lace 2 prefix is about 15CM, the 3 prefix prefix 4 22CM - 60CM lace; 5 prefix for full width jacquard fabric; 6 prefix for computer lace, flower surface; 7 prefix 7001 - 7029 for mesh jacquard fabric; more than 7030 for seaming lace; 8 prefix for coarse needle computer lace, flower surface products; 9 prefix for the full width of flat products.                                
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