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 Wing Xin Accessories Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The main products of the company are the production and sale of all kinds of high and middle grade buttons. The products are: unsaturated resin buttons, natural button buttons, coconut shell buttons, imitation pearl buttons, button buttons, wooden buttons, metal buttons, metal buttons, four button, knots knots, fashionable accessories, Korean hot stones, ironing pieces, imitation crystal buttons, and glass buttons. They are widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, handbags, knapsack, leather, toys, handicrafts, etc. the products are mainly sold to the major garment manufacturers in China, equipped with high-quality management personnel and professional sales teams, and their sales teams are spread throughout the large and medium-sized cities throughout the country.
Main Products
Contact information
Addr:   Guangdong   Foshan   38 buildings in the Pearl River peninsula garden, Foshan, South China Sea