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Business Model
Enterprise purpose (mission) The high value of labor, so that the ICSU company service beneficiaries of mental and physical pleasure, and the work is full of beauty and enjoyment. Uphold science and technology as the first productive force, to pursue can imagine the wonderful service as ICSU career, with the excellence of our labor will transform all science and technology service means, make the existing advanced production tools and help people realize the dream of becoming a booster. The enterprise values All business activities must be based on the implementation of enterprise, social service beneficiaries, the interests of three parties. ICSU people happy and productive work experience, will be the answer to the people the existence value and life value most suitable reason. Because we believe that the biggest effect of service labor creates happiness and hope. Enterprise vision The existence of the enterprise is not created the material itself, but because there is no work sharing our happiness with as many people as possible, we are willing to serve humanity. The spirit of enterprise Good service is not infection to others, we will be through innovative labor, dedicate all happy experience, indomitable. Enterprise philosophy Nice work, wonderful life Enterprise style Law guarantee, nuanced, happy work Business philosophy If any marketing activities can not transfer the happiness and hope, not a good trading. Any work of the enterprise to meet the people want a happy life needs.
Main Products
Digital printing machine Century Gestetner Ricoh Copier Konica Minolta (Hei Bai) Konica Minolta (color) Printer Fuji Xerox One printing ink Gestetner / Ricoh The ideal A good / great / much Bao Rong One version of the paper printing machine Gestetner / Ricoh The ideal A good / great / much Bao Rong One quick printing machine fittings Gestetner / Ricoh The ideal A good / great / much Bao Rong The new Fuji supplies Integrated machine paper
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Contact:   Guo Shuanghe
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Dongfeng Road, Cultural Road No. 3 building, 201 Wan Hong Blaupunkt