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Henan Deli Logistics Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
                                  Henan and Deli Logistics Company Limited is a transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, information service, circulation processing for the integrated logistics company.

                Deli insurance company based in Henan, facing the country, take the quality as the core of the development of the company, the tree brand for the company's development direction, weight management, credit.


  Bao Deli vision:                         dedicated to doing the industry leading logistics enterprise; br>
                          to be a true standardized logistics enterprise;

                          to do a brand image outstanding logistics enterprises;

                          committed to be a responsible for logistics enterprises.

        1, the Deli location, convenient transportation, lead in all directions

                        Baode Lisi is 300 meters south city of Victoria and Zheng Pinglu, Beijing Guangzhou Road Interchange; East 600 meters is the handover some of the old National Road 107, 107 State Road, South City of Victoria, Zhongzhou Avenue; logistics business Wong, the strategic point and the throat of the fortress.

        2, and Deli has a strong

      registered capital is 50000000 yuan RMB, the investment capital is 30000000 yuan RMB; Bao Deli covers an area of 320 acres, 120 acres of pre investment, construction area of about 50000 square meters; currently has more than 100 wheel truck, truck 300 trunk multiple;

      Bao Deli implements the network management of ERP, the terminals are preparing a computer software and hardware equipment advanced;

      Bao Deli all terminals are equipped with POS card reader, so that the customer payment directly to the bank accounts, customers to the bank to cash transfers or extract directly, the real implementation of the safety of the payment fast.

    3, and Deli has a strong cyber source advantage of

                    Zhengzhou City, more than 50 branch, so that Baudry can reach Zhengzhou city each goal crowd of the market fall;

                    (Henan) province nearly 130 direct line to provide sourcing and shunt sufficient for package Deli convenience;

              and nbsp;       direct access to the country's special railway line to a large number of the volume of come in great numbers, will give the Deli insurance business opportunities and wealth endless.

    4, the Deli have a greater ability to resist risks

              Bao Deli group, professional operation of ERP management system, advanced, make Paudley all operating units separated by thousands of miles can share data, make it have more the profit space;

              network management for Deli provincial, province, Zhengzhou city networks, one-stop logistics services enable customers to enjoy high-quality, its market share rising.

              5, Paudley let all the cooperation franchiser has its trademark and related elements of the right to use, to engage in legitimate business activities;

              6, Paudley policy support, make it all to join business has a greater profit space while the lowest risk;

              7, the Deli with top management team, make Paudley more successful

    and nbsp;       and Deli has a top marketing team, development of the market swift;

            and Deli's top management team, make its business activities more effectively and quickly;

            Bao Deli strong brand advantage, make the joining trader business more do well.                                
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Addr:   Henan  Zhengzhou  Henan city of Zhengzhou Province, the city of Victoria and South University Road intersection 600 meters to the East Road