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Fuzhou in the trademark office is the state of current national administration of Fujian province business management bureau is designated with a trademark agency organization the proxy. Mainly for enterprises, companies and individuals for trademark, patent applications for the registration of the trademark, patent; product export customs registration protection; registration of copyright and computer software registration; registration of foreign companies; international trademark, patent registration protection; intellectual property legal affairs and provide professional services for enterprises.

Fuzhou Jijia Trademark Office in order to better service for enterprise in Fujian Province, Fuzhou center lots to establish firm clutter. Fuzhou Jijia Trademark Office has advanced office equipment and first-class computer network gear shifting system, which not only realizes the office automation and management and scientific research and rapid delivery of patent and trademark search service for the customer. The sound department and senior professional intellectual property lawyers to provide the most rigorous and comprehensive proposal solutions and services for enterprises. Fuzhou Jijia firm strict management according to highest domestic and international practice, every day to maintain close ties with Beijing National Trademark Bureau and the State Intellectual Property Office, at any time will be the latest information passed on to customers, one of the fastest speed, the best service, the best professional counterparts and complete the effect of each case.

after years of practice, set good firm has with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the International Association for the protection of industrial property (AIPPI), International Association of trade permits (LES), the International Trademark Association (INTA), the establishment of the Regional Institute of patent attorneys and thousands of foreign law firms, companies and well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions and the establishment of good relations of cooperation. A large number of agents from China and overseas patent and trademark applications, processing thousands of pieces of patent and trademark infringement case. The maintenance of the rights and interests of the customers at home and abroad. Each customer in the same set of good foot to process, can profoundly, the practical experience of the service concept: "stand in the perspective of customers consider each question", "devote attention to customer's every detail".

Fuzhou Jijia Trademark Office may provide professional intellectual property services to the quality of work, more efficient work efficiency more good for the public and the enterprises.                                
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