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                                  Zhengzhou red Marshal patent agency, is approved by the State Intellectual Property Office patent agency designated, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce registration.

, the firm is a senior engineer in Henan province by the Intellectual Property Office of retired cadres and senior patent agents and patent agent qualification as the backbone of co founded, a variety of disciplines relates to the field of computer, communication, biological medicine, electronic, chemical, physical, mechanical, the agency's patent application fast approval, authorization the high rate of.

we will with rich experience and high sense of responsibility for your agent patent application, patent successfully, and after the patent dispute, patent infringement, infringement and invalidation of the patent right, to review the case, your maximum to strive for their own rights and interests, the firm to improve the quality of the staff each year, investment fund, regular formal business training for staff.

we adhering to the "high-quality, efficient, honest, development, customer first" principle, dedicated to provide the service, and keep customer technical and commercial secrets.                                
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Addr:   Henan  Zhengzhou  Henan Zhengzhou City Road 63 Hongzhuan ronghua business building 4D