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                                  Dongguan Yamei leather processing factory has introduced energy-saving environment-friendly decorative materials in the world developed country the most advanced at home and abroad with advanced technology and complete sets of equipment production. Companies with advanced marketing concept, perfect management system as the core. Has strong technical innovation the backbone strength, strong production capacity and the continuous expansion of sales network.

          the pursuit of enterprises: the core of green products, the introduction of independent research and development; people-oriented, respect for talent, respect for science, transverse combination, innovation supporting green products. Enterprises to focus on research and development of high-quality products to train excellent talents, integrity, to the concept of service, standardized management, advanced, build first-class brand, over the years the integrity of cooperation with the new and old customers, to win the trust of old and new customers!                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  Two street Nancheng District of Dongguan City, the New South ha community 8-2