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Yishan Yat Mei garment processing factory, Cangnan    No Member

 Yishan Yat Mei garment processing factory, Cangnan Brand
Business Model
Our company is a clothing company specializing in the production of work clothes, school uniform, cultural shirt and garment processing. Since its inception, the company has been strictly managed according to the modern enterprise system. It has always been based on advanced technology and equipment, relying on high-quality talents, taking integrity as its business philosophy, and communicating with customers as a bridge, constantly accepting new ideas, new fashions and new fashions. With constant efforts of all staff, it has created good reputation and outstanding achievements. At present, there are more than 100 employees in our company, and the professional clothing designed and produced has been sold throughout the country, with an annual sales volume of 500 thousand (sets). Welcome to university, primary and secondary schools, domestic and foreign enterprises, telephone calls, letters from people to negotiate and visit, and also welcome cooperation among agencies, advertising companies and gift companies!
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Addr:   Zhejiang   Wenzhou   No. 75, vehicle bridge road, Cangnan County, Wenzhou