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                                  Shanghai billion Knight photography is located in Shanghai city Hongkou District 1315 creative park. Now has 350 square meters of the reasonable layout of the studio, including the size of the two studio (a total of 200 square metres use area), as well as the design room, meeting room, dressing room work area, the more small bar, garden, rest area.

      billion Knight began to engage in commercial photography from 2000, existing Baorong Bowens, three, Canon Canon, Schneider Schneider, Sinar SINA, Knight Horseman and so on many kinds of professional photography equipment. Studio with polyhedral props wall, doors and windows and the floor props, can build a variety of real, at the same time props provide many kinds of styles costumes. We have experienced graphic designer and photographer, photography assistant, I hope our efforts can provide the most innovative commercial picture for our customers the most professional.

      we also develop studio rental business, welcome to come to patronize the photographer and the advertising company.                                
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Addr:   Shanghai  Shanghai City  Shanghai Hongkou District Liangcheng Road No. 1315 Creative Park Building 10 (Liangcheng Road, Fengzhen road junction)