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Guangzhou city Haizhuqu District Yunjiang garment factory Brand
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                                  Yun Jiang garment factory was founded in 2003, is affiliated to the cloud river industrial. Guangzhou and Guangdong Pearl River Delta region of the famous garment production and processing enterprises.   Yunjiang garment with strong development, production, operation, sales team. Yun Jiang garment with Guangzhou operation Department, Guangzhou branch, Shantou branch, Jiangxi branch formed around the Pearl River Delta area of absolute advantage. Guangzhou operations temporarily in Guangzhou famous garment cloth of gold strip Ruikang road Yangtze River (International) textile city. To provide high quality and inexpensive products for customers at home and abroad, the most convenient high-quality service is Yun Jiang garment mission.

    Yunjiang garment with many customers at home and abroad, including three pieces of merchandise, Lin Zhongniao, dream Basha, ZARA, C&J and many other well-known department stores enterprises and foreign trade customers.


    under the male society, Tang tribal brand independent Yunjiang garment operation.

    current male social brand has already begun preparations for the network of direct marketing, network distribution, join in business entity. The team is growing, in the upcoming major mainstream network sales platform such as Taobao Mall, post music network, QQ mall, Dangdang, Jingdong, where the V+ stable on-line.                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Haizhuqu District Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Ruikang Road (north of Yangtze River Chinese) textile area 7 N7055