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                                    the connotation of the brand

      for centuries, people respected "gentleman" heart never change, just, in the era of change, people's aesthetic standards in the change, we pursue the change in. Then, a gentleman's "taste" changed. Look at those standard traditional gentleman: go out wearing a hat, holding an umbrella, wearing a business suit, foot pedal shiny leather shoes, wordless, stiff upper lip, you'll see a tense...... To those outside the stereotype of the symbol, early along with the trend of a few change, more and more distant from us.

        just as some of the season, on behalf of the international fashion trend of the subject of the London, Paris and Milan shows, be strict in one's demands suit finally announced retirement, the concept is the debut by surprise. Some people in the subversion of the old rules, even allowing for some "flawed", allowing some unruly, while those seemingly "chaos" symbol, it is people's pursuit of individuality and freedom of ambition.

        it's like traditional gentleman symbol gradually fade out of our sight, "new gentleman" in an irresistible momentum is the debut. Now, want to be a gentleman, you finally can no longer be bound by those fixed standard. But, underneath it all, buried a kind of spirit, a kind of in the heart, independent, innovative, decisive, self, the spirit of the times. It as a valuable quality, never be defeated by the appearance of the signs, but also will not lose its own.  

    brand introduction;   as a new brand of NEX-DEX, extensive attention has just listed it by the industry, the NEX-DEX core team not only active in the clothing design, colleagues also focus on procurement and distribution business. NEX-DEX clothing mainly urban leisure wear. Design brand series of permeated with strong British style and the most cutting-edge Asian elements. Cooperate with process tailoring NEX-DEX unique to the unknown, and the trend is determined's interpretation of choice. NEX-DEX's creative inspiration is officially fusion from different cultures and impact.

        NEX-DEX  the Next  Directly  exciting  Chinese can be understood as "an exciting and wonderful". While the NEX-DEX brand appeal of the "wonderful" is not only a way of dressing men which contains a long gentleman spirit.

brand culture

      NEX-DEX content is -- the new gentleman spirit. We build the new gentleman in the mouthpiece, always think about such a question: what is the clear definition of the new gentleman? We want to transfer the image and what kind of information to the consumer?

      even the gentleman, in addition to the wise full humanistic connotation, the same can not be separated from the fashion material and the essence of life. However, if only the traditional cars, computers and a sexy woman to attract men's eyes? To provide some more fashion, lifestyle and taste of choice for urban men is the bounden duty of the NEX-DEX.

        the spirit of NEX-DEX, should be a thought on UPDATE, should stand in the "foresight" point of view, has become a social trend of spiritual explorers. Nowadays Chinese society, like Europe and the United States, and 60's Hippie prevailing condition of people decadent, selfish, impetuous, there is no sense of security, the so-called personality and rebellion has been used as an excuse and decoration. The money worship, hypocrisy, indifference of flooding, has become the social rules of survival! The law! But in the end, not the values of the era still empty. All of this, and does not give people the satisfaction and happiness.  

    new gentleman spirit representative of NEX-DEX is this: when a prophet to the interpretation of the language has become a thing of the past, when the indulgence, indifference and money worship becomes the current law, when all the purity and conscience are submerged in the excuses, gentlemanly spirit should light the surface of the body, the   NEX-DEX will always belong to you; the crowd at the forefront of the times.                                
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