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Shenzhen Yi Tatsu garment factory Brand
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                                  Shenzhen Yi Tatsu garment factory imported production equipment from Germany and Italy garment version, using the international advanced production processes, combined with China's traditional clothing technology; years to successfully for all large enterprise groups, banking, securities, government departments, agencies, schools and other institutions to provide a full range of occupation installed custom service. Good quality not only source of advanced garment in Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries of finishing equipment and inspection instruments, but also put down to its excellent management mechanism. Yi Tatsu garment factory products strictly according to ISO9001 quality requirements for quality management. Yi Tatsu has CAD, CAM computer aided research system, international advanced   has a computer design center, research and development center, seihan center, clothing display enterprise service system center, computer information center and after sale service center perfect.                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Shenzhen  Shenzhen Buji Dragon Wall Industrial Park