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                                  Boshilali is ten years around the world, is a very popular brand in asia. Her history than people imagine the long, can be traced back to the last century in 1917. At that time, Camilo Boshilali designed for the royal family and nobles of Europe made Knight garment design. Perhaps because of architectural training have suffered, from all kinds of clothing and accessories designer Camilo Boshilali hand without showing a soft sculpture style. Camilo's design by the European, Asian thing far-reaching cultural influence, he widely absorb the essence of each culture, and finally formed its own unique style, sixty years later, Camilo's successor objected to worship idols, against the traditional design concept. To this day, once the knight style has evolved into a new style of loose, comfortable, no sense of restraint.                                
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Contact:   Mr. Jiang
Addr:   Zhejiang  Wenzhou  Wenzhou Xincheng development building 16 building C room