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                                  Shanghai Pudong New Area Henry Industrial Co., Ltd, the product ten years of experience in production and sales of the apparel industry, with great concentration to a higher level development, the development of the Shanghai Bao Enlai Clothing Co., Ltd. A company in Pudong   3600  square meters production base, the east by Pudong International Airport, on the South Link, the traffic is convenient. Pudong rich human resources, it is the outstanding people, is the first choice of cooperation.  

    Shanghai Pudong New Area Henry Industrial Co., Ltd. (  Shanghai  PuDong  Newarea  Hengli  Co.,   Ltd ) was founded in   1988  years, was the pioneer in the consulting industry, the real estate industry, aquaculture, garment manufacturing, leather manufacturing industry, food industry and many other fields. Companies involved in the garment industry for more than 10 years, has been highly recognized in the market, the products not only sell well at home and abroad. At the same time, the Henry Company also actively develop with our garment enterprise business, established a regular processing a long-term cooperation relationship with domestic and international famous brands. The company is designated the Ministry of public security only authorized the production of   GA-2000  security field investigation clothing series enterprises and Shanghai each area security, security clothing fixed-point production enterprise.  

    Shanghai Bao Enlai Garment Co. Ltd. of the continuation of the scientific production management mode of Shanghai Pudong New Area Henry Industrial Co., Ltd. external business contacts and internal workshop. Raw materials in the careful selection and rigorous testing, all dyeing and finishing and special treatments are fixed by the manufacturers of fixed-point responsible, by the quality control person. Full quality control from raw materials to the semi-finished and finished products, specification of quantitative indicators, the implementation of pre control inspection and monitoring in the whole process of multiple holograms.  

    Shanghai city "Xinmin Evening News", "Liberation Daily", "social and labor daily", "Wen Wei Po" and Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" and other major newspapers have to our company details and development prospect are reported. We also welcome to visit our company guidance and negotiate and discuss things.  

    the company of "people-oriented", formed a team with advanced business philosophy and excellent technical personnel as the main body of high-quality personnel, composed of management and operation enterprise. The company is a design, production, marketing as one of the modern enterprise, based on the quality of product, innovative design concept, in the fierce competition in the market, pay attention to the study of market information, relying on their own efforts, and gradually establish their own brand, the establishment of modern production plant, the introduction of modern equipment and advanced management mode, advocate "idea ahead of production guide consumption".  

    we create our future, with new business philosophy, towards a comprehensive, collectivize, export-oriented development direction. Brilliant goal, reached only by the quality, credibility, speed, innovation ability. So yesterday, so today, tomorrow is even more so! And have a position, only the market!                                
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