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                                  Spain's top men's brand AOQITIANNI (Austrian Qitian Ni) official landing Chinese market. By Guangzhou City interested trade limited company the sole agent, is responsible for the brand in the Chinese market operation. Brand culture concept of

: AOQITIANNI based on men's fashion business and leisure areas, there is no lack of elegant, without losing the resolute confidence and clear; emphasis on natural, simple beauty of the eternal spirit of realism, new realism urban white-collar male image from the perspective of ego and Zhang Xian unique flying; reveal let the charm of life inadvertently. A world-class fashion business men's brand, will be the traditional and classical revival, embedded in the trend of fashion. From the point of view of humanism, emphasizing the new realism personality, this is the Olympic Qitian brings to your choice, it is natural, simple, beautiful Renaissance, is a combination of new realism of human nature, are more natural, beautiful classic beauty and realistic personality beauty, advocate, is the Fu Shiwen revival of harmony.

market positioning: AOQITIANNI is a European background, with 25---45 years old urban mature, successful men as the main consumer groups, Spain in high-end fashion business casual men's clothing brand.

product positioning: AOQITIANNI fashion business casual dress, can meet the full range of mature men dressed in demand, product categories such as jacket, cotton jacket, casual suits, sweaters and other fashion leisure products, there are such as coat, trousers, shirt, tie and other traditional business and leisure products, and scarf, wallet, leather belt, luggage handbags and other classic adornment series products.                                
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