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                                  Beijing Yishang Hongdu Garments Co., Ltd. is a focus on high-end clothing, design, development, production, production, operating as one of the specialized companies, at the same time, is currently the largest quantity body garment, flexible processing enterprises. Beijing Yishang Hongdu Garments Co., Ltd. not only synchronize with today's ever-changing clothing industry development, but also has a long history. The company formerly known as Beijing Hongdu fashion company, is from the 1956 in March moved to Shanghai from Beijing zonal, made inch, blue sky, Raymond, Hongxia, universal, Jintai seven clothing store and central office affiliated garment factory merged into. In fifty years, the red has been responsible for the party and state leaders, going abroad and overseas celebrities quantity loaded work system. Through the efforts of several generations, "red" brand clothing with its exquisite fabrics, fine workmanship, novel style, won the society from all walks of life of love, made gratifying achievements.
    now, Yishang Hongdu in the consolidation of products based on traditional strengths, to assets as a link, the use of brand, the implementation of brand promotion strategy, and gradually implement the franchise, franchise, and constantly enrich the product structure, expansion of product variety, the "red" product positioning in the high-grade, high quality, high service, multi varieties, to meet the needs of different consumers. We will support from the franchisee, dealers, consumers, the "red" bigger and stronger, and strive to become the national costumes of red mold Chinese quality brand.                                
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