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Guangzhou City Exhibition Sheng Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
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                                  Guangzhou City Exhibition Sheng Garment Co. Ltd. is a set of brand agent, product development, sales as one of the enterprises, is a famous international men's Babeelens (Bobby Reis) total agent Chinese, also agents of Germany CALAMAR fils. Over the years, the company with strong economic strength and excellent management ability of long-term market reputation.   brought together a group of companies with the successful operation of the international brand apparel experience professionals, in the product design, brand planning, brand management, marketing promotion and other aspects of the rich experience, forward-looking grasp on the market.   "first to market, take quality as root", the company actively with counterparts at home and abroad to carry out a full range of exchanges and cooperation, keep abreast of market opportunities. The current exhibition is filled with more than 180 sales outlets in major cities in the country, more than 80 cooperation manufacturers, connotation, the continuous mining in shaping the brand personality at the same time and brand extension to the internationalization, brand direction of personalized development, so as to realize the competitive brand difference. In product development and design  , extensive use of computer aided design, effectively combine modern technology with traditional process, the active use of functional, health, natural environmental protection fabric, as consumers take the initiative to provide the most perfect and high quality products, to meet the end consumer demand as the fundamental target.   we have to "provide the most satisfactory service for the customer, your success is our pride" as the criterion, make sure that the Babeelens (Bobby Reis), stable, healthy development of the market in Chinese.                                
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Contact:   BEN 13802909797
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  North Station in Guangzhou Nan Lu Sha Yong Nan Yuan Gang Wei 5 building two (Sanyuanli lotus near)