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Business Model
                                  Zhengzhou nine circular Fashion Co. Ltd is a set design, production, sales and brand operation as one of the modern clothing chain enterprises. "Since the nine circular" brand word was founded, it has been in good faith and create lasting value for faith, to create Chinese trousers industry chain brands as the target, respected by the combination of visual art and body aesthetics idea, in the traditional design concept into pants with visual esthetics characteristics design elements, to create the industry benchmark with innovative ideas and the quality of fabric trousers brand.

    Zhengzhou nine circular clothing Limited company pursue: building a retail network of pathways of Central Plains earth's largest, and rely on the hard pursuit of dribs and drabs, keep on carving, enable us to become Zhengzhou's largest retail channel brand enterprises.

    early in the summer of 2009, nine circular trousers industry together well-known trousers industry brand "Wan Baofu", design and production of nine round series trousers for men and women, with nine round as the leading brand, the net domestic retail brand clothing franchisee as the carrier, in cities, county of Henan Province advantages lots opened chain stores sales terminal. The spirit of "core idea of creating value for customers", adhere to the integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative business philosophy, and strive to build a core of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, the largest retail channels of enterprises.

      nine round man with extremely high requirement on product, have incomparable taste in image; we want to lead the fashion trend, to guide the industry rules, to become the industry benchmarking. A unique quality and taste to the interpretation of the connotation of the nine circular. We are determined to build the agency Chinese trousers industry fashion, in perfect shape Chinese body charm as their responsibility, and constantly open up, work hard, create belong to the "nine circle" the trousers industry era!

        at the same time, we also sincerely welcome people to join the industry elite, with the same industry depth and all-round cooperation, for our common future more add a color!

        from now on, beyond the future. Nine round people adhering to the "professional excellence" spirit of enterprise, it shows the surging power and a new page is for people who love it.

        faith nine round, forever......                                
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Contact:   Wang Jingli
Addr:   Henan  Zhengzhou  Zhengzhou Jin Rong Trade City 2 floor room D10006