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Far trade Co. Ltd. Brand
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                                  hello! The company perennial for garment manufacturers, garment accessories firm price to acquire a variety of inventory (copper zipper, plastic zipper chain, aluminum, brass buttons, cotton lace, elastic lace, elastic, plastic   bag, ribbon, elastic belt, clothing lines, embroidery thread and all kinds of zipper top); clothing (cotton padded clothes, jacket, casual clothing, sportswear, trousers, casual pants, jeans, underwear, bra, sweaters, Childrenwear etc.); cloth (cotton, knitted fabric, woven fabric, denim, corduroy, chemical fiber cloth, corduroy, wool, checkered cloth, printed cloth, cloth, mesh cloth  

). (    13632411702  intermediary chongchou); gold; 02022252787                                
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Contact:   The marketing department
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Baiyun District Guangzhou Town City