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Shanghai giant dragon Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
                                  "GHLONG" China region operations center -- Shanghai giant dragon Clothing Co., Ltd was established in 2001, is located in the Oriental Fashion -- Shanghai city Yangpu District. Shanghai giant dragon Fashion Co., Ltd has more than 1600 employees, including the designer team of more than 20 people, the market marketing team of more than 100 people.

as of December 31, 2008, "GHLONG" in the domestic market stores more than 250, distributed in large and medium-sized city all over the country. After 2009, "GHLONG" brand line widened constantly improve, expand the sales network, 2009 "GHLONG" set up a Proxy Companies in Hongkong, South Korea and so on, beginning in the international arena root and grow.                                
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Contact:   Yan Binyong
Addr:   Shanghai  Shanghai City  East China region operations center: Jiangsu Province, Changshou City International Garment City