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Li do clothing Limited company Brand
Business Model
                                  Li group (Hongkong) dress limited company adhering to the "post industrial era" understanding and demand for apparel research, designed to break the traditional cowboy a feel of the new doctrine of fashion jeans.

    design house of William, Holland Rotterdam Bunin museum curator root outstanding. G Lowell (William.  Crosswell) said: only rely on the design, we can make our country (brand) become a daily place to live. As the world's earliest developed one of the modern design of the country, has now become the world's wind vane design. 1918  years Holland in the "style" movement (De  Stijil) is one of the most important movement in modern design, modern design development to the stem of the world, has played an important role in promoting. Clothing as an important carrier of design, has not met the wearing requirements, it is more a way of life and attitude.

      SGES  it is this attitude of deduction and the founder. Brand design follow Holland BlackWhite (black and white) of the modernist style, in Hongkong, on the basis of the European fusion form designer "Gothic" art, which reflects a strong post modernism in costumes. Finally achieve the perfect unity of fashion and comfort.

brand interpretation:

      SGES as a new denim brand, from the design at the beginning to give people a kind of brand-new and fashionable consumption concept and visual experience. The pursuit of fashion and comfortable feeling, pay attention to the details of the design and modification. Always leading the trend, to create with the Oriental civilization characterized by western philosophy, as the foundation of the new cowboy style. Break the existing boundaries of thinking in product design, not limited cowboy inherent elements and feel, do superficial lively, in the absorption and basis of art and life of different elements on the structure, to the cowboy way re interpretation, showing their, the national tradition and the characteristics of the times, so that each pair of jeans have their own unique "personality" face.

brand positioning:

    SGES brand to 25-35 years old as the core target customers.

    they have received a good education, social activities, keen on modern clothing has its own unique feeling, pay attention to the international fashion trend of the market.

    their understanding of contemporary China, the world trends, innovation risk, accept the challenge and as a source of power.

    they are all areas of professional elite, and devoted to the pursuit of international and cosmopolitan elite image.                                
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Contact:   Miss Chen
Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  The Humen times Shopping Center Room 308